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Show Schedule

In accordance with our Alliance with NSBA, beginning 2021 we have adapted their new score sheet for longe line. A copy is available on the forms page. 

Some shows will be able to offer on-site services such as accepting IBHA registrations 

and height verification (measuring) of unregistered miniature horses. 

Please check with the show secretary to see if these services will be available.


Please visit the Show Services page for the list of qualified individuals to perform these services at shows.

Please check this page periodically for show status updates due to CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19


DATE     SPLIT/COM  LOCATION        START       JUDGES:                                                                                                                           SECRETARY

9/16 & 17     YES     Elkhorn, WI         7:30         M A Fielitz,OH  D Hersom,MO  D Jox,OH   T Adkins,ME                              Sue Zimmerman 920-723-9465

9/30 & 10/1 YES      Mason City, IA     7:30        J Andrews,NE  K Findley,WI   S Larson, WI  C Dunbar,IL                           Niome Zeisness 515-460-4746

10/7                          Peoria, IL            8:00         Stephen Carter,OH  Margaret Morgan, IN                                                    Dan Vincent 815-757-0762

10/8                          Peoria, IL            8:00         Carol Craig, IN  Carole Dunbar, IL                                                                 Dan Vincent 815-757-0762

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