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Judge's Program

Do you have some experience as a judge and now want to apply to be an IBHA carded judge? 

You must apply to IBHA first by December 31st, then be invited to the Seminar. 


The next International Equine Judges Seminar and Applicant Testing Session was be held in January 2022.

All IBHA Judges Applicants must attend the Equine Seminar to complete the applicant process and acquire IBHA certification. All IBHA Approved Judges must attend the seminar once every three years to maintain their judge's status. The exception to this requirement is an AQHA approved judge that is not required to attend the seminar for any other breed and submits in writing to the IBHA office the date of AQHA seminar attended within the previous two years. 

2020 IBHA Judge Service Awards:

10 Years

Lynda Jean Danielson, IL

15 Years

Jacqueline Carter, OH

Kathleen Findley, WI

Ann Jones, GA

Sandra Weinreich, MD

20 Years

Steve Carter, OH

Dennis Clement, OH

Larry Cline, IN

Robert Milks, MI

Michelle Nyberg, NY

25 Years

Barbara Brouster, MO

30 Years

Todd Foltz, WI

35 Years

Cindy Chilton-Moore, OK

Ginny Larson, WI

40 Years

Sid Larson, WI

Richards McLain, IA

2020 Judges 1.jpg

IBHA Judges receiving their service awards at the 2020 CBC Seminar:

Kathleen Findley, Cindy Chilton-Moore, Richard McLain, and Todd Foltz.

2020 Judges 2.jpg

IBHA Judges receiving their service awards at the 2020 IBHA Convention:

Sid Larson, Miss Buckskin World Victoria Devore accepting for Steve Carter, Jacqueline Carter, Todd Foltz, and IBHA President Mike Stadler

The 2023 IBHA Judge's List is now available!

The table below can be sorted by of the columns - by state will probably be the most helpful.

There is also a search function, which can come in handy if you are searching for judges with NSBA cards, for example.  All CBC association cards held are listed on the far-right column.

Please click here to access a printable PDF version of the list.

2023 IBHA Judge's List

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