Buckskin Bred Program

IBHA has a newly-founded Buckskin Bred Program! 

Horses eligible for Buckskin Bred Registration:

  1. Can be of any color or color pattern

  2. Must be at least 14 hands tall

  3. Must have a sire, dam, grandsire, or granddam that is registered with IBHA 


NEW BEGINNING 2021: IBHA Buckskin Bred Registration Application

Please help us spread the word about this great opportunity! 

The Buckskin Bred Program gives breeders another avenue to market their horses if they are not eligible for regular registration, and also helps our charters by offering more IBHA-approved classes!

*Registration challenge*

If 50 horses are registered as Buckskin Bred by March 1, 2021, the full slate of Buckskin Bred classes will be added to the 2021 IBHA World Show!