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Officers & Executive Committee

President: Pat Osenga, Wisconsin

Executive Vice President: Jan Thompson, Iowa

Manager: Deanna O'Keefe, Indiana

Director of Events: Denise Kurtz, Indiana

Director of Rules: Douglas LaSota, Arizona

World Show Director: Rick Kurzeja, Indiana

Executive Committee Member: Ed Anderson, Wisconsin

Executive Committee Member: Ben Grandstaff, Ohio

Executive Committee Member: Laurie Kristoff, Illinois

Executive Committee Member: Shelene "Sam" Mitchell, Utah


IBHA has many committees that help structure the rules and policies of IBHA.  These committees are made of devoted individuals with knowledge in the equine industry.  They volunteer their time to attend the IBHA Convention to conduct workshops and meetings. 

If you are an IBHA member interested in joining a committee, please contact the office to be put in touch with the chair of the committee you're interested in.


Chair: Ann Grotzke, WI

Vice Chair: Michele Zimmerman, WI

Sec: Susan Duffy, WI:

Exec. Liaison: Jan Thompson, IA

Members: Sarah Lynd, MN

Brianne Mathews, OH

Shelene "Sam"Mitchell, UT

Kimberly Turner, WI


Chair: Denise Kurtz, IN

Vice Chair: Deanna O'Keefe, IN

Members: Brianne Mathews, OH


Chair: Todd Foltz, WI

Vice Chair: Dan Grunewald, WI

Sec.: Jan Thompson, IA

Exec. Liaison: Doug LaSota, AZ

Members: Teresa Adkins, ME

                  Wayne Hipsley, KY

                  Laurie Kristoff, IL

Denise Kurtz, IN

Deanna O'Keefe, IN

Butch Watson, AR


Chair: Michele Zimmerman, WI

Vice Chair: Julia Adams, VT

                   Jean Schmitz, WI


Chair: Dianna Watson, AR

Sec.: Judy Pletcher, MI

Exec. Liaison: Ed Anderson, WI

Members: Mike Adams, IL

Carmen Kellenberger-Porter, OH

Laurie Kristoff, IL                     

Becky Rogalla, WI

Jeffrey Showerman, MI

Barb Szpek, WI

Butch Watson, AR


Chair: Denise Kurtz, IN

Exec. Liaison: Pat Osenga, WI

Members: Justin Kurtz, IN

                  Sarah Lynd, IA

Julia Adams, VT

Barbara Robinson, IN


Dir. of Research: Dale Pforr, WI

Registrar: Deanna O'Keefe, IN

Members: Dan Vincent, IL

Pat Osenga, WI


Chair: Niome Zeisneiss, IA

Exec. Liason: Laurie Kristoff, IL

Members: Teresa Adkins, ME

                  Dan Grunewald, WI

                  Penny LePak, WI

                  Brianne Mathews, OH

                  Joanne Raatz, WI

                  Julie McCutcheon, MD

                  Todd Waldera, WI


Chair: Dan Grunewald, WI

Vice Chair: Tamie Grandstaff, OH

Sec.: Shelene Mitchelle, UT

Exec. Liaison: Ben Grandstaff, OH

Members: Teresa Adkins, ME

                  Ed Anderson, WI

Todd Foltz, WI

Ann Grotzke, WI

Pat  Osenga, WI

Rob Robinson, IN

Butch Watson, AR

Niome Zeisneiss, IA


Chair: Bob Sneed, PA

Members: Deanna O'Keefe, IN

                   Niome Zeisneiss, IA


Chair: Tamie Grandstaff, OH

Exec. Liaison: Ed Anderson, WI

Members: Julia Adams, VT

                  Todd Foltz, WI

Laurie Kristoff, IL

George Lytle, IL

Kim Turner, WI


Chair: Rick Kurzeja, IN

Members: Deanna O'Keefe, IN

Denise Kurtz, IN


Chair: Sandy Anderson, WI

Vice Chair: Judy Pletcher, MI

Exec. Liaison: Ed Anderson, WI

Members: Susan Duffy, WI

                  Ann Grotzke, WI

Justin Kurtz, IN

Joanne Raatz, WI

Jean Schmitz

Michelle Zimmerman, WI


President: Laurie Kristoff, IL

Vice President: Pat Osenga, WI

Treas. / Sec.: Denise Kurtz, IN

Directors: Shelene Mitchell, UT

Tina Vincent, IL

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